Looking back – CoCreate Adelade, take 1 (13 April 2013)

Our first CoCreate Adelaide event happened on Saturday 13 April 2013.  We always knew we were on to a good thing… but we never really knew how amazing it was going to be until we got to Plant 4 and watched the day unfold.

Making it happen

The journey so far

CoCreate Adelaide has only been possible because of the team, the community and our supporters.  You can read a bit about them here.


A video, by Michael Kubler:

A snapshot of the day on Storify – the eyes of social media as captured by Becky Hirst

Pictures and posts on the Facebook event page

The things we wrote at the end of the day, reflecting on our experience:

A word cloud, "what got you buzzing today?" - @BeckyBHC

A word cloud, “what got you buzzing today?” – @BeckyBHC

Word cloud of feedback - what next? @BeckyBHC

Word cloud of feedback – what next? @BeckyBHC

A photo album, by Michael Kubler, including the below (unless otherwise marked)

CoCreate shrine - @JohnSBaxter

CoCreate shrine – @JohnSBaxter

Michelle Fringe sign CoCreate poo - Michael Kubler CoCreate Ken Long in focus - Michael Kubler CoCreate New Gyprock close - Michael Kubler CoCreate Hub discussion - Michael Kubler CoCreate industrial - Michael Kubler CoCreate feedback lines - Michael Kubler CoCreate more out there - Michael Kubler CoCreate people like me - Michael Kubler

Hear that?  There are people in Adelaide who want to make a difference – just like you.

We are planning another main event for late 2013 – but as the community and the movement grows, we’ll be doing plenty else besides.  To learn how you can be a part of it

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