Festival of CoCreation – Week 6 update

The Festival has been swirling around between different options and we’re finally getting the edges pinned down and forming a clear picture of the space we’re hosting and what lies within.

It’s great to count through the weeks on the calendar and see we have six weeks left until the big day, even though it feels much sooner…

Status update – the deets
The location we have settled upon is Plant 1, Bowden. We explored a couple of different city locations over the last couple of weeks, but none of them really added up. But no matter – Plant 1 is an exceptional venue and we’re luck to have had so many options.

We also decided to concentrate our energy into one day, Saturday 2nd November. A weekend long festival would be great, but there’s no use spreading ourselves thin when there is HEAPS of space in Plant 1 as it is.

The current agenda sees a half day unconference in the morning, freespace festival fun through the afternoon, and an evening with chilled vibes, Pecha Kucha presentations and Primal dancing to unwind to. We’ll bed this down in the next couple of days. Any thoughts or opinions let me know.

We have set up a few working groups and they’re chugging along seeding projects and getting more partners involved in the cocreation. We’re also confirming new partners by the day (some of the announcements are on the Facebook Page), and the festival is really taking shape.

It seems like almost everyone has a role and is working away on something, and it’s great to see the energy bearing fruit. : )

So, what to do?

If you’re wondering how best to direct your passions, let me know. (I know there are a couple of you that I’m still getting back to.) The working groups are beavering away, and the next time we’re all together properly will be later in October, so we’ll be coordinating mostly online until then.

Peace out cocreators, keep being fabulous

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