The melting pot grows… week 5 Festival update

As projects and working groups are getting busy and partners are locking in, the brilliant colours of the melting pot that is the Festival of CoCreation are sparkling all the more brightly. There are some amazing festivals and events out there – Adelaide’s no stranger to them – but I’ve never heard of anything as diverse and as inspiring as what I can see emerging here.

Recent additions* include Georgie and Carlcew’s Fifth Quarter, Pecha Kucha Night – Adelaide (#PKNADL9), Spoken Word SA, Adelaide Sustainable Building Network, ARTillery and PrimalDance. We’re also talking with groups like Welcome to Australia, Fontanelle, LETS local currency system and Adelaide Wellbeing. And these are just additions to the early partners who jumped at the idea – Format, Tuxedo Cat, Point A, Adelaide Bike Kitchen…

Nevermind that most of the festival’s awesome projects are being run by people from this community who don’t need a fancy name to make things happen. Loving what’s coming out of the art+engagement, movement and wellbeing groups. By this time next week we should have a bit of an intro to these and the first outlines of a festival program – finally get a sense of what all these amazing things will look like on the day!

What ties us all together? We care about this place we live in, we are passionate about our visions and our ideas, and we’re going out there to make them happen.

Adelaide ain’t seen nothing like it! : )

Getting involved
If you missed last week’s email update you can read it here on the blog

4pm this Wednesday – that’s tomorrow – we have a site visit of Plant 1 in Bowden. Let me know if you’re coming and take my number (John Baxter, 0405 447 829).
5pm this Wednesday – after the site visit tomorrow we’ll be hanging out at ABK, including a few of the art group in particular. Come chat!
7:30pm this ThursdayPoetry Slam SA state final (by Spoken Word SA) this Thursday – come support one of our festival partners and see what spoken word is all about
6pm Tuesday 15 October – CoCreator Alex P is launching his business, Cameotree! Check it out, come along and show your support. Although he is a bit of a dufus for scheduling it for our designated monthly CoCreate slot. He’s making things happen and he’s a good chap, so we’ll forgive him.

A few of us are putting our hand up to steward the community over the coming year or two and if you’re happy chipping in and taking a bit of responsibility we’d love to hear about it. We’re meeting for lunch on Monday 21st.

We also have our next monthly community gathering – the last one before the Festival! – on Tuesday 22nd October, 630pm at Activate Hall, 100 Drayton Street, Bowden.

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