Space Setup

The radtastical Kat Coppock has done up an installation plan for Plant 4.  This is the start…

The journey starts when you walk into the space. Along the ground will be markers, lines, made with electrical tape. These lines make an easy and brightly coloured ground map as to the various different areas of interaction within Plant 4. There will be five zones; “chat”, “work”, “play”, “support”, and “connect”.

Lines along the ground will be made with the tape, each colour leading to a separate zone. Red, white, green, yellow, and blue will lead to a respective experience within the event.  On arrival, the tape paths identify different journeys – to orient yourself within the space, however you think and feel about the day and the space and your role within it.  Throughout the day, the spaces will serve not only to contain and direct experience, but to mark your own transitions.

This is a self-organised community event.  As well as in the event proceedings; you see, feel and (co)create this in the space.

The aesthetic is lines and circles, reminiscent of the design on the backs of the hanging switch boxes peppering the space. Also think computer motherboards and general eletronics maps…

The ‘chat’ spaces are the three zones which will be hosting the open space forums. These will be maintained as focus zones with the surrounding on cling wrap between the posts, creating both an inclusive atmosphere as well as interatcive ‘whiteboards’ for taking notes with posca markers.

The ‘work’ space is where the Pop Up Hub will live.  Hub Adelaide will be decking out a corner of the space with are their take on ‘Coworking at CoCreate’ – furniture, niceness, and generally a place to hang with people ‘working’.   Of course, being a Saturday, you don’t need to ‘work’. ; )  But making things happen is pretty close.


Three other spaces that you’re going to have to find out about when you arrive.  ; )

The only way around this is to come help us set up on Friday.  We need all the help we can get!   See details about the location here, come by 12-5, and take my number for security – 0405 447 829  – John

2 thoughts on “Space Setup

  1. Hmmm… 5 zones! It’s wounding quite structured for an unconference. Hope things won’t be too silo like and mapped out. A lot of organising seems to have taken place for an unconf. Hope you’re able to live and let live on the day. ;)

    • Yes, there were times today when we thought to ourselves, maybe we’re trying too hard?

      But we’re having fun so we figured we’d stick to it.

      We’re very familiar with Open Space – we know not to stuff it up by closing it down. But we don’t pretend unconferences don’t require ‘organising’. Spaces might be open, but setting the context is critical.

      Hope you’ll be there tomorrow to live and let live with us. : )

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