Second organising session

A crew of Passionate CoCreating People gathered for a very special organising session last week… an event otherwise known as a meeting.

The main things that came out were…

  • confirmation that we will use an Open Space methodology for our event format
  • a passionate debate about what will happen, our faith in Open Space Technologies and how the hell we convince people to come if we don’t know what’s going to happen.  We decided we should identify the sort of people that will be coming, and the types of topics we might discuss
  • the website’s been updated… check out the homepage for a spot-the-difference
  • we’re going to post up some introductions to people that are coming – if you’re happy being featured, please email John with a few words about yourself!
  • we’re not going to do a formal welcome to country (yes, we will definitely do an acknowledgement!), but we are going to make an effort to reach out to local indigenous groups to participate
  • we still aren’t sure of the best way to capture information from the day, or how best to follow up the event… tricky questions!
  • working bee!  Friday 12th April – email John if you’re able to help us deck out the venue and make it beautiful.  Kat Coppock is planning all sorts of radical, so contact John about coming along and having fun with us


So – all is good with the world! : )

See y’all soon

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