The role of the Community Liaison

As community and connection are central to CoCreate Adelaide, we’re taking a unique approach to engaging with people.  We have set up a network of Community Liaisons – people who want to support the event, and act as a liaison to coordinate engagement of their communities and networks.

This way, first we can use our networks to get really amazing people in the room – the main ingredient in a great event.  And second, nobody will need to feel unwelcome or anonymous, because everyone will have a Community Liaison contact to be their friend, even if they’re new to the rest of the group.

The response so far has been really positive, and we’re grateful for the efforts of our Liaison network so far – help them out by joining in the effort.

What we’re expecting from our Community Liaisions is:

  • First, having a voice in the design process – so that we can make sure the event provides value to your community(ies).  We will have an organising session in late March (probably afternoon of Wednesday 27th), or we can email or talk personally.  We’d love to hear from you and learn about what attracted you, and what you think is most valuable.
  • Second, getting the word out!  It doesn’t need to be in a big way – most of our ‘marketing’ will be the team inviting people they know directly.  But the message will need to be tailored, because each community has a slightly different interest.  Each Liaison is aiming to get 5-10 people along from their communities and networks.
  • Third, being an ongoing contact point for these communities – a familiar face, and someone they can touch base with.
  • Fourth, being present, and being a contact point on the day, making sure everyone feels welcome.

That’s it!  It is pretty straightforward really, but it will make a huge contribution.

Leave your details on the registration form, or contact me (John) if you’re interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– John Baxter, partner / organiser

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