Festival getting real – September gathering

Things are getting very very real now with the festival and it’s great to feel the enthusiasm of the cocreators pushing it along.

This week’s monthly gathering was focused squarely on the upcoming festival, what we’re interested in and would like to see – and what some of the dangers are as well.

Disorganisation loomed as a big concern – without being organised enough we won’t be able to direct our efforts… we’ll end up all talk and no walk. That’s something for me to focus on… and something I’d appreciate any ideas and help with. : )  This Festival is definitely new territory for me (I think for all of us!) and all possible help is appreciated.

If we can direct our energy well, the potential is amazing! There is such opportunity in the idea, even though it still feels so early and unformed.

Cocreating a festival

We discussed some great ideas for projects and everybody found a way to chip in.

The new working group structure was the take-away. Instead of all projects being organised on an individual basis, cocreators are teaming up to brainstorm topic areas, work out the main projects, the main partners, and how to create a space on the weekend for creativity to emerge. If you want to connect with other cocreators and get these concepts happening then say hoi to John and he’ll pass on your details. The groups we have already are:

  • Food
  • Sharing
  • Wellbeing
  • Art+Engagement
  • Movement Culture jam
  • Making Place
  • Cluster of Bureaucracy


Do you like the sound of any of those groups?  I can connect you as I’m sure they’d love an extra contributor.

Or if you want to do something else and you don’t know how…

>> My contact details are on the website

And promote!  RSVP to the Facebook event, comment on the page, and invite ALL your friends!  The people make the festival – so let’s all chip in making the people come.

Okay, thanks for listening – I gotta get back to it!


– John Baxter

CoCreate lead facilitator / organiser

One thought on “Festival getting real – September gathering

  1. I ‘m thinking I’d like to be part of a kid-friendly space group…. but I guess it depends on what the new venue will look like. :)

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