:: Festival of CoCreation ::

~ Food Trucks 12-8pm ~ Bar 4-10pm ~


1pm Ceremony: the Freeing of the Space

Ongoing programs for ART, FOOD and MOVEMENT CULTURE JAMMING, including Parkour Jam, Guerrilla Gardening, and The Colour Tree interactive shrine.

MOVEMENT CULTURE JAM sessions at 3pm Street Dance Jam and 4pm Grassroots Yoga

A WELLBEING stream including 3pm Mindfullness, 3pm and 5pm Resonance singing workshops, and 9:30pm Primal Dance

A NEW ECONOMIES stream including ongoing bicycle maintenance with Adelaide Bike Kitchen and a produce and clothes swap – also 4pm New Economies Panel Discussion and 5pm Co-Operatives Workshop w Co-Op Coffee Shop3:30pm Living Building Challenge workshop

Pecha Kucha Night – Adelaide 6:30-9:30pm

Conscious Dinner and Movie Night ($25) 6-9pm

PrimalDance movement meditation 9:30-11pm

And remember… this is a freespace festival!  So…

  • All activities are subject to change
  • The online schedule has the latest
  • If you want to see it happen – make it happen

Winston Churchill makes things happen

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