Notes from our first session

Thanks to everyone who came to our first organising session (last Wednesday at Magazine Gallery).  It was really inspiring to see everyone with such passion – and amazing to have such a diverse group of people all on the same page, working to the same vision.

It was a heartening demonstration that a group of people with a common vision can work together, no matter how diverse they are!  Thank you.

So what happened?


We agreed that we’re all drawn to CoCreate because we’re passionate about

  • people taking action, at the ‘grassroots’ and not top-down… as part of ‘open’ systems for taking action, or a ‘fermentation’ of ideas through the community, and driving innovative ideas
  • giving people opportunities to act on their motivation, then and there
  • participants actively cocreating our future – not only discussing, but going on to work together after the conference
  • cocreating an amazing future for Adelaide

I (John B) was charged with turning our discussions into a summary of the event for the website and promotions material, which I’ve since update on our website and in this shared document.  Please make a comment or contribution if you can help us improve it!


Perhaps the biggest part of a successful unconference will be getting ‘the right people’ in the room.  The extended team of Community Liaisons will be reaching out to their communities and networks to find people that will value and provide value to the space.  The ‘right people’…

  • have energy, passion and a desire for ‘change’
  • want to take action – whether making a small or a large contribution
  • are open to new things and collaboration – they aren’t blinkered into their own point of view, ideas or projects
  • genuinely participate – are not ‘marketing’ something, whether literally selling, or just beating their own drum

What? – the details

Let’s call it CoCreate Adelaide!  Hashtag #CoCreateADL, and url

I’m talking to Caroline about having a pop-up Hub, as a chillout / chat space.

I’m looking in to food trucks for lunch.  (Do you know anyone? Can you put them in touch?)

How can we record ideas etc?  Post it notes on the wall – and / or butchers’ paper there too.

How can we also record our ideas and experience digitally?  What should we record?  Don’t know yet…

Kat C is giving thought to a super-cool shrine / contribution-on-arrival system (like Barrio)!  FUNTIMES.  This also lets people feel like they have contributed as soon as they arrive.

We should also keep our eyes open for opportunities to ‘make’ things with the space, have music, games and other such amazement.

What now?


  • keeping on plugging on to get the little bits done
  • keeping on the conversations, about the who, the what and the how
  • reaching out to our communities to get a good mix of amazing people involved


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