Cocreating a Festival

If the launch of the Festival of CoCreation is anything to go by, the Festival itself will be absolutely spectacular. : )

A mix of cocreators met at Adelaide’s TACSI last week for a launch with a difference… the group wasn’t invited to hear about the festival… they were invited to make it!  And these cocreators proved once again, that if you fill a room with amazing people, amazing things happen.

We codesigned statement for what the festival is about, to guide us as it emerges out of our collective efforts.  The Festival of CoCreation is about making it happen ourselves – cocreating, not observing the world.  It’s an opportunity to experiment, create and play.

CoCreators make it happen

These statements emerged out of group discussions and party games.  We discussed what we are passionate about, what is unique in this opportunity, and explored how we can make amazing, inspiring things happen in Bowden over the weekend 2-3rd November.

A summary of discussion points and the festival ideas we created is here.

You can read more about participating in the festival here, or connect with the community at our next event on 17 September

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