CoCreate News – August – Festival Launch 3rd September

CoCreate Adelaide is frantically working away to set up our next major event – a weekend long exploration and celebration of what is possible. The Festival of CoCreation is scheduled for 2-3rd November and is already generating a lot of attention. Get involved!

First step: come to the Festival Launch party and codesign session
6:30pm Tuesday 3rd September
TACSI, 279 Flinders Street

We aren’t just going to party – we will codesign what the festival will look like, and work out the steps we need to take to get there. We’d love for you to be a part of it.

In other news…
CoCreate Adelaide community gatherings
July’s focus topic – Sustaining Ourselves – generated a lot of great discussion, online as well as at our regular monthly event. We clearly hit a nerve… and the wisdom of the group surfaced some really great ideas. We’ve recorded some of the best of them on our blog – Sustaining Ourselves.​

​In August, we’ve focused our attention on turning Passion to Action, and fittingly we’ve focused most of our energy supporting each others’ projects and getting the Festival off the ground. A quick post with notes from this week’s event will be posted on the blog soon.​

The Wall, CoCreateADL August gathering

​CoCreators kicking goals
Too many cocreators are doing great work to really do justice, but here are a couple of recent examples…

Ben Irvine has had confirmation he’ll be bringing Conscious Club to Adelaide. The Club has exploded in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, and only looks set to grow from here…

Silvana Vagnoni three weeks ago was struggling to find a job she was passionate about… but in these last three weeks has partnered with The Smith Family and is finalising details to fund a youth program that will see her creating her job instead. Even if the application falls through, her light-speed journey has been an inspiration for all of us – more of it!

Good things on the internet
Walk Out Walk On – a website for a book. About walking out of the standard life, into one of cocreation

Dave Meslin on TED – The Antidote for Apathy. Are people not engaged in civic society because they’re apathetic? No, it’s because society has put up barriers that make it bloody hard.

CoCreators’ events
This weekend in particular is a busy one! CoCreators are pretty good at turning passion to action, it seems…

Snap to it!

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