City Grill – A Summary of a Magnificent Occasion

What a magnificent day was the inaugural City Grill!

Saturday 18 October 2014, a mix of businesses, residents, council candidates and other community members gathered to discuss the agenda for Adelaide City Council for the next four years.

City Grill Start to Finish

So what’s next?

  • The elections are happening!  Sometime on Saturday 8th November we should know who will be representing us for the next four years.
  • The West End Village Association, WEVA ( has had some really good feedback and input on their vision for their part of the West End, and it seems pretty good support from the candidates.  They will be following up with the newly elected members.  Their biggest issue has not been funding or support, but just understanding how to work with Council. Current councillor (and candidate) Megan Hender has already put them in touch with a staffer to help out.  Great signs so far.
  • The Grill team is interested in principle in following up with candidates as a group, but nothing planned yet.  (That team is myself (CoCreateADL), WEVA and Adelaide West End Association (

Personally, I had a really rewarding experience and learnt a lot about Council and civic engagement generally.   My main take-away is how valuable a resource our local councillors can be.   You can read more about that in my earlier blog post, A Lesson in Civics.

See you next time — John Baxter (CoCreateADL Facilitator and City Grill co-host)

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