Announcing CoCreate Adelaide City: local gov election project

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  • CoCreate Adelaide City, 1-5pm Saturday 18th October
  • A partnership between Adelaide West End Association, West End Village Association and CoCreate Adelaide

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CoCreate Adelaide has been quiet this year as we have all shifted focus to different things. For me (John Baxter) it has been my business and providing a support role to the groups and cocreators that were part of CoCreate in 2013.

With the statewide local gov elections approaching (voting end of October), I couldn’t help but think about getting back into a more public civic project.

So I put the feelers out for a CoCreate election project in my local area.

I was really excited to hear that the Adelaide West End Association and West End Village Association were both thinking about the upcoming elections, keen to engage local candidates in collaborative conversation, and valued building local networks and civic capacity.

This week we all confirmed our commitment to a CoCreate-style election forum on Saturday 18th October.

Tada! : )


What is it about?

I was really interested to hear why the others were interested. After all, doesn’t Adelaide City Council already have a strong commitment and really good programs for engaging and collaborating with the community, especially in their areas of focus in the west of the city?

Yes, they said, Council is doing some good work. But these programs still weren’t really giving them chance to pursue their real priorities. Council is still directing the discussion, still often does things itself instead of collaborating, and issues which aren’t part of Council’s priorities aren’t getting heard.

I was also interested to hear why they thought a forum would appeal to people, given there are so many demands on people’s time, they could contact council candidates themselves, and (again) Council already delivers so many programs that give people a chance to engage in the future of their city.

The response was that people are doing things, and do care about the future of the city— but the existing avenues for connection don’t work for many of them. Few groups have the resources and capacity for organised lobbying. Who has the time to navigate candidates lists and policy positions, and then to make the effort to establish relationships with their councillors? And often, we know there are others out there who share our interests, but we have no idea who they are or how to reach them. We know that we can be more effective working together, but how do we make those connections?

That sounds to me like a pretty good basis for action.  So here we are.

We will host an event for those who are making things happen (or trying to), but aren’t in a position to actively engage in local gov, to pop their head above the ramparts for an afternoon to connect with what’s going on in their city.

Led by people from the community, a chance to connect with others and to put questions to their local candidates, all focused on whatever topics are most important to the people there on the day— it is small step towards a better connected and more collaborative city.

  • discussion and connection 1-4pm
  • candidate questions (drawn from the day’s discussions) 4-5pm
  • focused on Adelaide City Council central ward, including ward councillors and lord mayoral candidates
  • open to all with an interest in the city who want to be better connected
  • event registrations to be set up soon

Building civic capacity: stronger communities | stronger government | better futures

CoCreate logo co Ben Irvine (8 Oct)

CoCreate Adelaide 2014 is part of the SA-wide ‘CoCreate Local Gov’ project, led by John Baxter (Realise, Adelaide City) and Becky Hirst (Becky Hirst Consulting, McLaren Vale), in collaboration with the CoCreate Adelaide collective and our networks of local partners.

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