City Council elections – the essentials

SA’s local gov elections are just around the corner.  CoCreate Adelaide is co-hosting the City Grill forum in the CBD, the Central Ward of Adelaide City Council.

This aims to be the one page you need to visit to get clued in about elections in the city.

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The basics     

Council voting in SA is not compulsory.  It is postal; you will get a letter if you are registered, around 20th October, and have about a week to post it back.

If you were registered for the state elections, you are registered as a resident for council elections at the same location.  (You can also register as a business owner or property owner, but the window for that has long passed… if you aren’t sure if you did this, you didn’t.  These don’t carry over from other elections.  If you did – hurray!)

De-mystifying City Council elections: 101 with CityMag.  What does council even do, and why should you care? Ward vs Area Councillors, and what does the Mayor do?

See the City Council Ward Map (pdf) to work out your Ward.  Adelaide City Council includes the city square, North Adelaide and the parklands.

I am crossing my fingers the postal vote letter explains how voting and preferences actually work, because it seems pretty mysterious so far.

Other info on the Local Gov Association website.


City Council’s own website is the easiest way to get the basics, including contact details for most of your would-be representatives.  See the list of City Council candidates.

Read the CityMag 101 article to get a handle on the Mayor/Ward/Area system.  City Grill is focusing on Lord Mayor and Central Ward (CBD) candidates.  If you vote anywhere in the city you can also vote for Area Councillors.

I have tracked down campaign pages for the City Grill candidates (below).

(For other councils, see SA’s official database on council candidates, on the LGA Association website.)

Lord Mayor

If you read nothing else, squiz the CityMag interviews with Lord Mayor candidates (or at least the 4 of 5 who had announced their intent at time of publishing).

The Tiser did a good one too, in The City I think (with all 5), but I couldn’t find it online.  Tiser, you loose.  (And unfortunately so does Kelly H!)

Central Ward

Articles, commentary and more candidates     

To be honest, I haven’t found much worth sharing.  CityMag have been the exception to the rule, but not all of their articles are online.  Please post any favourites you have as comments and I’ll gladly share and edit them in.

  • Do your reps even show up?  I’m not a stickler for superficial numbers, but I was very interested to read the contrasting attitudes of current councillors running for re-election, when grilled by The Australian about their attendance rates.
  • CityMag also have good interviews with Robert Simms (Area), new to local gov, and Natasha Malani (Area), who wants another 4 years to continue what she has started in her first term.
  • The South West Residents’ Association collected responses (pdf) from their relevant candidates (South Ward, Area, Mayor)… I think these fairly direct questions (and the things that go unsaid) are some of the most telling.


More, you want more!?  Well here you are…

Please, finding the best stuff isn’t easy, if you have other links that you think should be here, post a comment and I’ll share it around and add it in.

Ta x

John Baxter
CoCreate Adelaide Facilitator (City Grill co-organiser)

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