CoCreate Local Gov

CoCreate Local Gov is a community-led way for people to be involved in the future of their community.

Local government elections are coming up. Making our votes count is important… but it’s only part of the picture. What happens if you take a ‘meet your candidates’ event, and turn it into a place to help people shape the future of their cities, no matter what their vision is? You end up with CoCreate Local Gov.

Check out the video from CoCreate Adelaide April 2013 to see what we’re about

We know from experience that a couple of things are critically important for people with passion to be able to make things happen

  • connections, connections, connections!
  • perspective and realistic understanding of options, how the systems work, and how others have done it

CoCreate Local Gov makes these possible

  • get together a diverse range of people who care about the future of their community
  • spark cocreative conversations around people’s visions and ideas
  • shift the election conversation to a space of collaboration, led by the leaders, citizens and businesses with the passion to shape this city
  • help people connect their ideas with the people that can help them: collaborators, decision-makers, those that have been there, those that understand the systems

But what is it?

CoCreate Local Gov is a program of local collaborative conversations as part of the lead up to the 2014 SA local government elections.

The two main events are CoCreate Adelaide in the CBD and CoCreate McLaren Vale down south.  We are also supporting any other local groups and community leaders who want to get active in their own communities.

This initiative is led by John Baxter (Realise, Adelaide city) and Becky Hirst (Becky Hirst Consulting, McLaren Vale), in collaboration with the CoCreate Adelaide collective and our networks of local partners.

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