Adelaide Community Unconference

Adelaide’s first Community Unconference is based on the philosophy that by working together, we have the capacity to realise our visions. We will host powerful conversations that lead to lasting community relationships, underpinning collaborative, community-led action.

The event is led by a community partnership, and provides a space to work out what we can do, together. It’s about what we bring to the table – not waiting for others to do it for us.

This will be a one day event on Saturday 13th April, at a former industrial plant in Bowden.

It will be the first of many.

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Where did it come from?

Adelaide’s 5000+ program ignited the imagination of the city. The program curated a discussion about the future that we want for Adelaide. The Integrated Design Commission completed the project, finalised its draft Strategy, and provided its recommendations to government.

The Adelaide Transitions Film Festival inspired yet more people to imagine a sustainable future. What does a sustainable life look like for us? And how can we move towards it?

The people of Adelaide, excited by these discussions, have had no way to follow through. Who do we talk to? And more importantly – what can we do? The energy is bottled up with nowhere to go.

The way traditional business, government and organisations operate doesn’t support community groups or people as individuals to take action for ourselves – but we can take this upon ourselves.

As we talk to people, we hear about similar energy in other communities – in startups and technology, in the arts, in the social sector and elsewhere.

We have a unique opportunity to catalyse this energy, and the passionate, enthusiastic communities across Adelaide. It’s time to come together, to bring the visions we are passionate about into reality.

It would be great for you to be involved.

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