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This is what we’re trying to design our event to achieve.  Review some more of our thoughts on the format, and chip in if you have a contribution of your own.


You may have read a bit about the background for the event.  There is an energy in Adelaide at the moment.  There is a feeling that we’re able to really make something of our future, to make this the place we want to live in – or maybe, that we want our kids to live in.  But there’s also a tension, because so many people haven’t had a way to put this energy to use.

What options do we have actually do something, to make our city a better place?  Not enough.

Our goals

We want to give people opportunities to cocreate the future of Adelaide.

We aim for

  • people to make solid connections and form relationships with ‘like minded’ people – people who share our visions, and a desire to do something about them
  • conversations that move beyond connection, to support the emergence of collaborative initiatives

This is not just about providing opportunities to the participants as individuals.  The event will strengthen community connections, and develop our collective capacity to work together to cocreate our future – supporting our ecosystem of empowered, collaborative communities.

2 thoughts on “Design Spec

    • Thanks Matt!

      Yes, the basis will be Open Space – or perhaps a similar participant-driven format (like World Cafe or Pro-Action Cafe).

      The question for the sessions will be “what is the vision you are passionate about, and how can we work together to bring this into the present?”.

      We have a summary of some early thoughts here:

      Of course, we still have more questions than answers, and there is plenty of time to take on any new ideas, so thanks for chipping in!

      Cheers – John B

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