:: Festival of CoCreation ::

Saturday 2 Nov 2013

including a program of activity 1-5.30pm and Conscious Dinner 5.30-9pm

Followed by PrimalDance at 9.30pm

Group Accupunture- 1pm to 2pm 

According to traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians.

Enjoy a balancing of your qi with acupunture therapist Luciano Bortolanza in a group setting.

Mindfulness Meditation – 2pm (Wellbeing room)

Ben Irvine

Get conscious – Meditation to get you aware and present.

Ben specialises in mindfulness techniques and processes for accepting emotions as they arise.

Presence for Kids!  – 2pm (outside location to be confirmed on the day)

A workshop for the little ones

Grassroots Yoga – 3pm

Sophie Hayat

Stretch out and reconnect with your body after lunch with a grassroots yoga session.

What do you do when you want to practice yoga, know there are others out there interested, but you don’t have a local yoga studio? You go out and do it! The grassroots yoga movement is sweeping the country.

Speakers – from 4pm

4.10 – Kiarna Ella – Abundance Coach

4.40 – Kristina Dryža – Nature’s Living Wisdom

Recognised as one of the top consumer trends experts in the world, Kristina has made a career of studying economic cycles and market trends. In 2008 she began immersing herself in nature’s rhythmic patterns.
Kristina says seasonal, circadian, lunar and tidal patterns don’t just form the background to our lives – they are our lives. She will speak on how the very nature of life is expressed and experienced as rhythm and how these rhythms can influence our lives in profound ways, if only we can willingly invite them in and trust their intelligence.

5.10 – Bec Castaldini – Holistic Breathwork

At the forefront of non-drug cognitive-emotional therapy: Breathwork is the blending of modern Western research with Eastern spiritual practice.

Conscious Dinner and Movie Night ($25) – 6-9pm

Ben Irvine and Bliss Organic Cafe

A collection of uplifting and perception expanding short films and videos.  We explore diverse and life changing ideas with films that provide insight into the human condition – as well as the sharing of a delicious vegan feast and a vibrant social experience.

The event will be fully catered with vegan delights from Bliss Organic Cafe.

| tickets $25 |


PrimalDance movement meditation – 9:30-11pm

Bec Castaldini

PrimalDance is a movement meditation to music – free your body and let it speak to the movement – connect to the realest part of you!  No rules, no judgement, just your body and tribal beats.


<<your passion here>> – sometime 1-7pm

Remember… this is a freespace festival!  So that means…

  • Activities are subject to change
  • The online schedule has the latest
  • If you want to see it happen – make it happen!

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