CoCreate emerged out of conversations about Adelaide, and the visions and ideas of the people of Adelaide. Every day, people like us sweep their ideas under the carpet because they don’t know what to do, or because they have been taught that to act they need Permission or that they need to know All The Answers.

Their passion is wasted.

We resolved to create a forum where people can bring the visions that they hold, and connect with others like them.

CCA April video thumbnail image

In April of this year we created a space with a culture of cocreation. A safe space where everyone had permission to participate. People just like us came together to find ways to make their visions real.

You can see in our video how we found inspiration connecting with like-hearted folk, the projects that we worked on and the questions we asked of one another.

That gathering started something that surprised us. Six and a half months later we are here at the budding of a festival.

We are still building on the same philosophy

  • everyone is a participant
  • the people make the festival
  • seek grounding in our visions and passions
  • collaborative community creates the pathways to make our vision real

Our experiences are the inspiration that free us from our limiting beliefs.

The visions, the passions, the human connections are the glue that ties our community of cocreators together. This glue is what enables amazing things to be possible.


Festival of CoCreation, Saturday 2nd November
including 9:30am-1pm Festival of CoCreation discussion forum – the Unconference


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