New Economies


The world is changing. What do the new economies look like? Gifting, sharing, distribution, networks, online, DIY, local…. and as the saying goes – the future is already here… so come and experience it!

sponsored by bankmecu – a co-operative bank… one of the good guys ; )

:: Festival of CoCreation ::

Saturday 2 Nov 2013

A mix of ongoing activities 2-7pm and timed workshops and sessions


DIY Bicycle with Adelaide Bike Kitchen – 3-6pm

Adelaide Bike Kitchen workshop to help you maintain your steed.

But ABK is about much more than bikes that work… it’s a gift economy institution run by volunteers out of passion for community, sharing, and of course – bikes.


Living Building Challenge intro workshop – 3pm

Ken Long, Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

An introduction to this ambitious, alternative approach to designing and creating human environments in tune with ecological and environmental systems – and a workshop on how our individual behaviours can also be considered through this framework.



NEW ECONOMIES discussion panel – 4pm

Facilitated by Sam Shelter of the Co-Op Coffee Shop

A discussion panel featuring some of the proponents, champions and doers in different areas of Adelaide’s NEW ECONOMIES.  Speaker lineup includes:

  • Leigh Dalwood, Transition Gawler (resilience, sustainability and local economies)
  • Kylie Willison, SA LETS (local currencies, art and hacking)
  • Joey Fagan, Adelaide Bike Kitchen (gift economies, DIY and community initiatives)
  • possible additions from the Department of Innovation, Christie Walk and Zero Waste SA.

NEW ECONOMIES initiatives advice and discussion – 4:30pm

Advice and discussion on co-ops, community initiatives and NEW ECONOMY models – with speakers from the NEW ECONOMIES panel discussion.

DIY Co-Operative – 5pm

Co-Op Coffee Shop

How to set up a co-operative community initiative to turn your vision into reality.


Micro-LETS local currency demonstration – Ongoing

Kylie Willison (LETS)

Throughout the afternoon you’ll be able to participate in a micro-level alternative currency system, modeled on LETS (Local Economic Trading System). Map Jam and Share N Save demonstration – 3-5pm

Matt Scales, Zero Waste SA

The sharing economy is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.  So how do we find what’s going on out there? are leading an international push to map sharing economy assets, through a global network of Map Jam events and our very own Zero Waste SA have recently launched a website called Share N Save that achieves similar things.  Find out about both and make your contribution to the global database of sharing economy knowledge.


<<your passion here>> – sometime 1-7pm

Remember… this is a freespace festival!  So that means…

  • Activities are subject to change
  • The online schedule has the latest
  • If you want to see it happen – make it happen!



The New Economies program is possible because of the sponsorship of bankmecu – a customer-owned co-operative with a sustainable and responsible approach to banking.  Their shareholders aren’t faceless investors, but the same people they’re serving.  Like all co-operatives, they also have a commitment to advocate for and support the co-operatives movement.  So good on them!

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