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Site-specific interactive works that tantalise, question and inspire your role in this world.

:: Festival of CoCreation ::

Saturday 2 Nov 2013

ongoing 1-7pm

Spring is a Thing!

Kat Coppock

The sun is shining, the skies are blue, flowers are blooming, and so too can you!
We’ve finally thrown off (most) of the shackles of winter, and as overgrown metaphors of sprouting and new life saturate our visual allegories, you too can celebrate with the birds and bees in this interactive art installation.  Poke fun at the spring fashion extravaganza by dressing up in hilarious hats and silly spring coats provided, and spread a giggle through the CoCreate crowd.  For a small donation towards film costs have your Polaroid taken against a unique spring backdrop painted by four amazing Adelaide artists and commemorate your CoCreate-d community experience!
Featuring artwork by Kat Coppock, Tiff Hampton, Andrew Humphries, and Sarie Tardiff.

The Colour Tree

Christiana Griffith and Kat Coppock

The Colour Tree uses sculptural and art therapy techniques to encourage you to bring awareness to your emotions and allow your colours to express how you feel so that you may share it and in turn be a part of the collaboration process at the CoCreate festival. Hanging upside down the of a geodesic dome, the tree upturns your perceptions and challenges your world view to promote open mindedness and a fresh look at the community around you. Participants are encouraged to react to their surroundings by tying coloured ribbons indicative of their emotions to the branches of the hanging tree, coming together to create lush foliage representative of the growth of arts and culture within our temporary spaces.


Christiana Griffith

The frosted glass doors explore how our perceptions are subtlety blurred through daily exposure to media, drugs, medication, friends, family, religion, politics etc disconnects us from ourselves, others ; leaving us to believe empowerment and the truth to who we are and the world we live in lay in other peoples hands. The goal is to walk out from behind the frosted glass to see life more clearly.

Stories that Bind

ARTillery (Amnesty International)

An interactive storytelling and expression experience to get you thinking about the stories in our society – not just your own, but the voices of the marginalised.

<<your passion here>> – sometime 1-7pm

Remember… this is a freespace festival!  So that means…

  • Activities are subject to change
  • The online schedule has the latest
  • If you want to see it happen – make it happen!

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