Engage and Activate

the potential of citizen-led engagement

Change is afoot!  There is great potential in community engagement, community development… in fact, all the ‘industries’ of community.  There’s interest, willingness and even vibrant pockets of energy for better.  There are also great local practitioners and case studies to build on.

We really want to see better practices overall – a better, more productive relationship between citizens, government and other institutions – and we know we’re not the only ones.

So let’s get together to discuss our experiences, the lessons we’ve learnt, the potential we see, and how to make it happen.


Next event –  2-4pm Friday 21 June

upstairs at Earth’s Kitchen, 131 Pirie St

RSVP to John (0405 447 829)

See you there : )

One thought on “Engage and Activate

  1. Hi John

    Andrew Coulson kindly passed on the invitation to attend the next event. Sounds great and I look forward to hearing and learning more!

    Many Thanks

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