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CoCreate Education is an event for real people to take action on education.

Education is something that so many people care about.  How often do you hear people talk about how education should be, how it shouldn’t be, or what they’d like to do about it?  We hear ideas all the time.  We see the passion of so many people, everyday. These are not just teachers, students or those in formal education systems – but also from parents, from entrepreneurs and from all the people that have gone through education and would love to see better.  And sometimes even more so, from those that have fallen through the gaps.

But what do we do with these ideas?  How can we apply our passion to something meaningful?

Not much comes of most of these ideas and this energy.  Most of us have very little opportunity to take action – and those that do, often have no support to do things differently.

But we don’t need to wait for others to do things for us.  We can do better.  Our vision is for all people that are passionate about education and learning to be empowered to take action – to cocreate the future of education.  CoCreate Education is part of a better way for us to steward our future.

We bring together people from diverse walks of life, with the passion and drive to make the world a better place.  CoCreate Education is a space to share and discuss visions and ideas, and connect with each other to make them happen.  These connections and the support of the CoCreate community are our channel to apply our passion and make amazing things happen.

Our first project is a full day Open Space event on Saturday 5th October.

This event was born following the success of the first CoCreate Adelaide event in April 2013. This has been started by a small but growing group of people passionate about education, and about helping others to make a difference.

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We hold organising meetings on the last Monday of every month.  If you want to help make it happen, register your interest above and we’ll pass on the details.

We look forward to cocreating a bright future for education with you. : )

One thought on “CoCreate Education

  1. My Vision is that schools and educators to embrace a partnership approach to education and learning. Partnerships with community, business and industry, parents and families and educators is essential if we are to enrich learning and raise aspirations. Schools need to genuinely embrace working in partnership with their local community and parent community and leverage the goodwill on offer. It would be great to see community organisations and business and industry increase significantly the offer of authentic, meaningful and inspirational work experience and placement for young people and students that align with and enrich learning and passions. I thrive to see others succeed and engage meaningfully in education, work and life and enjoy fulfillment. – Sasha Dragovelic.

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