Connect, collaborate and cocreate

I recently had the pleasure of being shown a couple of articles by one of the CoCreate team, Gina Stamas (the Community Director Adelaide Wellbeing).

Gina hits on a big curly question – why bother coming together?  CoCreate Adelaide is about making things happen, right… – so why not just get out there and do it?  It seems hard to find a solid justification for why people should come to something like CoCreate without knowing what connections they’re going to make or why they’re going to be valuable.  After all, we really don’t know!

But really, working apart is an unnatural, counter-productive way of being – a way that we all seem to have learnt from the industrial and ‘mass market’ social systems that we live in.  We really should be justfying why on earth we’d do that. Because even if we don’t know exactly how, there are so many reasons to collaborate and cocreate, so many upsides in different ways, that it’s the obvious best choice.

So, you want to see change in the world?  Are you passionate about what’s possible in our future?  Work out how to connect with people, and work together to make it happen.  You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t.

The first article is here, and the second is here.  Enjoy!

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