August Gathering – Passion to Action

We had an exceptionally lively gathering in August – the energy was bubbling away from the very start, and a number of new members were welcomed into the fold.

The topic for the month was Passion to Action.  Personal blocks and challenges was the most common refrain – whether fear or the limits of our comfort zones, or on the other hand the stifling effect of the drive to get things perfect.

Perhaps the first step is more important though – to connect with what really drives you – connect with your passion.  It’s really hard to put it to good use if you aren’t in touch with it.

Vision also came up a few times – both personal actualisation, and the role of shared vision when working together.

2013-08-20 22.16.49

The sessions included an introduction to the Cult of Done Manifesto – which proved both comforting and challenging in its absoluteness as a tool to help us get things done.2013-08-20 22.17.02

The challenge of collective, community mobilisation at ARTillery proved a vexing and interesting topic… I think we decided that these things take time.  We definitely concluded there are no easy answers.

Marina’s Three Steps for getting to action sparked probably the days’ most lively discussion session.  You can see Josh’s thoughts shared in this short clip, along with a few other highlights from the night.  What a great clip!

Alex Prideaux did the filming and got this up in short time.  He’s a good guy that one.

A blog post summarising the Launch Party for the Festival of CoCreation is coming soon.  In the meantime, RSVP for our September gathering here.

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    • Hey Tiff! I’ve added you to the mailing list.

      We’ll have a Facebook event up for next month’s event soon… it is 17th September, same time and place (630pm Activate Hall, 100 Drayton Street). But come along, no need to RSVP!

      We are also launching the upcoming festival this Tuesday! Info about that is at

      See you soon! : )

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