John Baxter – CoCreate Adelaide Steward | lead facilitator | Organiser of the Festival of CoCreation

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  1. Hi John,
    As I missed the last meeting I’m wondering where I might fit in with this festival. I’m still keen to run a singing workshop during the festival, so maybe if I joined the art+placemaking sub group? Can you connect me up with the good folks on that group please and we’ll take it from there I guess.
    Cheers :-)

    • Pragathi, I have no idea what vernacular architecture is (thought we have a few architects in the group I might be able to connect you with) – but indigenous knowledge is definitely an area worth sharing.

      What would you like to see happen in this area? What is your passion?

  2. Hi John,
    after walking through the site with you and some others on Wednesday (BTW is it Plant 13 or 1 as stated on some of the comments?) I’m really excited about the possibility of creating a space for the singing group in that side room. As discussed I think it would also be a great spot for to share with the meditation group. Who is organising that and can you put me in touch with them please? Would that be Ben who I met on the walk through?
    Cheers, Lily.
    p.s. your idea of using the festival as the ‘focus group’ for my food stall business was just brilliant! thanks for that! :-)

    • Hey Lily – email sent to connect you with Ben.

      The venue is Plant 1.
      Plant 13 is the name of the cafe across the road… Plant 13 is a useful reference point for people to meet because it’s on the map and some people know it, so I tell people to meet there sometimes. But the venue is definitely Plant 1. I’ll keep my eye out for any incorrect refs to Plant 13. Thansk!

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