CoCreating a Festival

CoCreate Adelaide is a community and an incubator to inspire and realise the futures we care about.

We are hosting the first Festival of CoCreation in November 2013.  Cocreation is about making it happen ourselves – stepping up, chipping in, leading change, being the change, getting things done… playing our role cocreating the world around us.

The festival builds on our April 2013 event – growing cocreation by creating a space for creativity, experimentation and play.

From April:



Do you feel you can play a meaningful part in our cities, our food and education systems, our economy?  In our society, the systems for getting things done don’t seem to have any room for the most important ingredient – real people.

This doesn’t need to be the case.  We’re putting the people back into the systems.

Our vision is for all people to be empowered to take action – to cocreate the visions they have a passion for.

CoCreate Adelaide was only ever meant to be a stand-alone event, for people from different communities and backgrounds to connect and be inspired – and leave to return to their own communities with connections and ideas that would help them thrive.  This event happened on a Saturday in April 2013 and was a heartening success.  So much so, that something much bigger and more powerful is emerging.

What it's all about (Karlien) photo: Michael Kubler

Our next main event is growing into something much more.  The Festival of CoCreation will be a melting pot unlike anything Adelaide has ever seen.  It is a space to try new things, to play, to have permission to fail, to engage with new groups and people, and to open up cocreation to entirely new audiences…. but it’s much more than an event.  This Festival is the launch of a movement.

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