CoCreate – a movement for the future

CoCreate is a movement of citizens and change agents who aspire for everybody to be empowered to take action – to cocreate the visions they have a passion for.

We started CoCreate Adelaide earlier this year, and we’re seeing an amazing and beautiful community emerging – empowered, proactive, supportive and really getting things done.  Check out some of the highlights from our first major event, in April 2013:

Moreover, our work has resonated really strongly with the people we talk to.  We’ve realised that the problem we were solving with CoCreate Adelaide was much, much bigger than the 100 people in our immediate community.

The premise behind CoCreate is pretty simple.  Where people that have passion and want to take action, if they don’t have the opportunity to do anything about it then this passion goes to waste – it sits as latent energy, gradually decays, and leaves people feeling disempowered.  Most of the time this goes to waste – but if people can connect with a community that cares about the same things that they do, then community can be the support vehicle to empower them to take action.

It’s about community empowerment at the individual level, and at an issues level it’s about tapping in to latent potential to make amazing things happen.  This doesn’t happen overnight, but we do know how to inspire passionate individuals to form a strong and vibrant community, and we’re getting better and better at playing and working together as each month rolls on.

We are not alone in taking action to empower community, but more needs to be done.  Disengaged, disconnected and disempowered communities are the norm.  CoCreate Adelaide seems like a lonely twinkling light sometimes – there are lots of other lights out there, but there is plenty of empty space as well.  Very few of us get the chance to apply our energy to the things we care about.  In our society, the systems for getting things done (organisations, governments, non-profits) don’t seem to have any room for the most important ingredient – real people.  But this doesn’t need to be the case!

It’s not rocket science!  But it is definitely going against the grain, and its not always easy.  We’re learning a lot as we grow CoCreate Adelaide, and spinoff initiatives like CoCreate Education, and we’re turning this experience into a model to inspire, guide and support others to realise the futures they care about too.

We aren’t going to waste time sitting around – we’re reaching out to find the other catalysts out there, people that are passionate about the possibilities they see in the future, that want to make them real, and want to support others to take action too.

You can read a bit more about CoCreate Adelaide on this website, so have a look around to get a feel for what’s been happening.

If you want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you!  Whether you can give us advice and connect us with the right people, whether you want to help out – or if you think you can be a catalyst, and join with others to make a CoCreate initiative happen, we’d be especially excited to have a chat.

Contact John or leave your details with us here and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks for being part of our journey!  We look forward to cocreating bright futures with you.

2 thoughts on “CoCreate – a movement for the future

  1. I think you are on to something. I am in. Been thinking about a steady state economony and wondering where lies the first step. Government is not going to do it- they are wedded to growth, industry is not going to do it cos they are addicted to profits. So it is up to the grass roots to make a stir. But how?

    • Tim I think you’re already contributing to many parts of the answer! Transition Towns, CoCreate, permaculture…

      Are we not stirring? I think we are.

      But perhaps we aren’t stirring enough…? Perhaps ‘enough’ is beyond our means… there’s only one way to find out.

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