Why should I participate?

We’re excited about the potential of CoCreate Adelaide – and pumped because it will be an amazing experience too!

Join us to:

  • meet an amazing mix of people – from a diverse range of community groups, but all sharing the same proactive, collaborative mindset
  • contribute to meaningful community projects
  • share the visions we’re passionate about – with peers that will make honest contributions, help us make the connections we need, and work with us to make these visions real
  • experience an innovative Open Space event methodology that puts community first, but still leads to action – reflecting the philosophies of the Art of Hosting and empowered civic engagement
  • be inspired by the experience and passion of our fellow community members

We’re drawn to this, not just to provide opportunities to others as individuals.  The event will strengthen community connections, and develop our collective capacity to work together to cocreate our future.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, you should head on over to the registrations page and nab yourself a ticket before they sell out!

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