A vision for the CoCreate movement

This is a vision for the CoCreate movement – which is rapidly growing out of our experiences with CoCreate Adelaide.  It is not a shared vision for the CoCreate Adelaide initiative itself.  We have some early ideas, but that one is still in the works. : )

This is in a state of ongoing development – see the online document for the latest version.

Word cloud of feedback - what next? @BeckyBHC

Word cloud of feedback from CoCreateADL Apr 13 – “what next?” Collated @BeckyBHC

We aspire for everybody to be empowered to take meaningful action – to cocreate the visions they have a passion for.

We see a day when anybody that wants to take action on the things they care about, has a forum where they are welcome as a (proactive) citizen, where they can meet people like them, and which provides them the support they need to take action.

Imagine it kind of like Meetup – for civic engagement rather than social connection. This doesn’t mean we are a straightforward, electronic platform (though we might create this one day), partly because the forums will need to be much more variegated to really fulfill people’s needs for civic engagement.  But rather that we seek to solve the problem of civic engagement in the same way that Meetup seeks to solve the problem of social connection.

We see big gaps in the present opportunities for people to do this – CoCreate is filling these gaps.

To this end, CoCreate initiatives are forums

  • to empower individual citizens to realise their agency, to take action on the things they care about

  • to collectively empower citizens to realise collective intent, to organise to get things done (following organic, participatory methods that offer people opportunity to meaningfully and effectively contribute)

  • to collectivise community identities, offering a citizen-led method for people to engage with society’s bureaucracies

The exact nature of these forums will emerge out of the context for each CoCreate initiative, guided by the philosophy, principles and model underpinning CoCreate.  These might be events (from evening sessions to multi-day forums), online communities, more individual-level programs or other connections – generally following ‘organic’, participatory models like Open Space Technologies.

CoCreate is in short, a movement and a growable model for creating thriving, empowering collaborative communities that provide these forums.

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