What will we talk about?

We can offer examples of the visions we might discuss, based on who is likely to join us.  Once you get an amazing group of people in the room, the Open Space format is designed to elicit the most meaningful, topical conversations from who is present.  You never really know until the day itself – but it doesn’t hurt to provide some examples!

Ideas that have already come up in discussions with people that are coming include:

  • a community ‘school’ for artists to mentor and learn from one another – plugging gaps in the dwindling courses offered by our universities
  • a culture that supports natural medicine and holistic approaches to wellbeing, instead of medicating the symptoms
  • greater connections within our neighbourhoods and day-to-day lives
  • accessible cultural education
  • a supportive network of opportunities so that people with business ideas don’t need to leave the state to follow their passion
  • open forums for connections between individuals, organisations and government, where we can work together on collaborative initiatives
  • better connection to the food we eat and the world we live in
  • better connections and collective conversations that agitate the fermentation of ideas and social consciousness

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