Can you describe your methodology, what will actually happen on the day?

We will continue to develop the format until the event itself – and refine it for future events as well.

Our base is the methodology of Open Space Technology, and how foresight and community development techniques, and other collaborative methodologies, can be weaved into it to foster powerful conversations that lead to collaborative action.

We will start the day with facilitated sessions to connect those present to themselves, their past and each other, and their sense of agency to create the future.  This will involve some inspiration (e.g. talks), and facilitated foresight sessions.

The bulk of the day will be built on the open space format – where participants host their own sessions and share their visions for the future, and others are free to move between sessions and find where they can best contribute.  We will create some defining structure to foster powerful conversations, for instance outlining some recommended questions to guide session hosts (questions like “What is your vision?”, “Where are we now?”, “What gifts can we offer in service of this vision?”).

Lightning talks can be used to flesh out and share ideas that emerge from the day, and give all participants the opportunity to find projects to be involved in.

Reading the progression over the day, we will bring discussions back into a sense of collective purpose and spark continued collaboration in the afternoon – using asset mapping practices, collective goal setting, and facilitated workshops.

We are creating a blog to share our journey developing our methodology.

Other important design elements include:

  • designing sessions and interactions to avoid power structures of ‘speakers’ or ‘authorities’ vs ‘community members’ or ‘participants’
  • name cards and online tools that make it easy for participants to connect, share ideas, and establish projects

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