Cocreating a festival in three challenges

Ask not what your festival can do for you, ask what you can do for your festival


Help with one of the three big challenges:

  1. how can we invite great people to cocreate the festival with us?
  2. how do we get the fine citizens of Adelaide to come?
  3. how can we use this opportunity to grow cocreation?

But HOW, you ask?

Little things we can all do

  • RSVP to the Festival Facebook event – invite ALL your friends, post excited messages on the timeline, and share it too
  • Sign up to the morning unconference [link coming soon!]
  • Share this page through your networks – Facebook, Twitter, email, in person – whatever it is you use.  Use it!  Link:

Jobs for helpers

  • join the promotions team
  • Join the ORGANISING The Festival Facebook discussion to find out what else is going on and the key decisions
  • lead a project – either make your own thing happen, or even better – get other groups involved (more groups mean more people!)
  • coordinate a festival ‘theme’ – work with others in a working group to coordinate a theme like “sharing”, “movement culture”, “food” or “place”
  • do wonderful, helpful things on the day

And generally – contact John to talk about your ideas for the festival and what you can contribute!

Thank you!  You’re a star. : )