Friendly Faces of CoCreate Adelaide

Kat Coppock – @artoverapathy

Kat Coppock is an emerging Adelaide artist and curator.  As Visual Arts Curator and Events Co-Coordinator for Re-new Adelaide initiative The Reading Room,

she explores arts and experimentation with passion and love.

Kat Coppock


Infatuated with pushing the visual arts through Adelaide’s diminishing cultural scene with education, connection, and immersive art installations, her ultimate aim is to start a community art school in the name of promoting alternative collaborative techniques and creative workspaces and inspiration. CoCreate gives her another avenue to practice her skills, as well as establishing connections with like-minded people who are just as keen to manifest both a solid city-wide identity and a viable creative future for Adelaide.


Paquita Spurr

Paquita Spurr

Paquita was drawn to CoCreate Adelaide to meet like minded people who have drive and passion to be instrumental in change.

She’s passionate about empowering people to take responsibility for their own happiness, health and well being.

People in the street/suburb to share resources, knowledge and skills.

People to reconnect and care.

To recognise and value the cultural diversity around us, respect and draw upon this.

Paquita is looking forward to connecting and develop working partnerships that are driven with passion and conviction for outcomes.

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