Festival appreciation – taste the rainbow!

We thought it was hard to acknowledge all the contributors of our unconference in April of this year.  Properly acknowledging those making the Festival of CoCreation happen is nigh on impossible!

But that isn’t to say we don’t appreciate what everyone has done.  Things like this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t all play our part and chip in.

The dozens of members of the CoCreate Adelaide community in particular are destined to go nameless – but we know who we are!

We do have a few main supporting partners who we can acknowledge up front – the lynchpins without whom this wouldn’t happen

Tuxedo Cat – making the space possible

City of Charles Sturt – helping cover the costs, advise and promote

Fifth Quarter (an initiative of Carclew Youth Arts) – making the connections and providing the essential extra ingredients for the whole thing to work

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The best place to get a sense of who else has chipped in is to follow the Facebook page and Facebook event

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