The basics of the event

A one day event, Saturday 13th April 2013, at a former industrial plant in Bowden.

Tickets will be cheap ($0-20), and the best way to find out about them is to let us know you’re interested in advance.

Edit: tickets have been released!  They’re only $10, and you can register here.

The format is derived from the ‘unconference’ philosophy.  Sessions are not based on experts talking to a passive audience, but are designed for shared conversations about participants’ own visions for a better future.  We will draw the seeds of collaborative action out of these shared visions.

We draw on foresight, Theory-U / Presencing, Art of Hosting and community development methodologies, to create the right spaces for powerful conversations.

Participants are invited from partner communities – people motivated by visions of a better future, and that have an ongoing network to support collaborations that don’t fizzle out.  These will include environmental, enterprise, cultural and local/civic community groups.

A small number of like-minded participants will also be drawn from key areas (like government and local business) so that we can tap into the networks we need to make initiatives real.


It is not…

  • a conference about ideas without substance, with expert speakers and a passive audience.  It is instead about establishing lasting relationships and collaboration.
  • a consultation or ideas forum, where participants come and go, and a host organisation may act on what participants say (if they want to).  Ideas will be linked to collective action by participants.
  • a build / hack session, where fantastic things get created… but go nowhere.  The event will cultivate buy in, lasting relationships and leverage support networks.
  • a pure open space event.  It is a vision-oriented gathering, with an experimental format based on lessons learnt and a range of different methodologies.
  • a cookie-cutter, or borrowed event.  This is designed to take advantage of Adelaide’s unique situation, and our unique ability to put pretense aside to work together.

Check out other posts on this site for more information

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