Could you say some more about the background in Adelaide?

The energy coming in to this event is at the intersection of a few different elements of our recent past.

5000+ was a project to envision and plan for the future of inner Adelaide. It was a pilot program lead by the Integrated Design Commission, in partnership with federal, state and local governments in inner Adelaide. Its goal was the creation of the State Government’s strategic plan (for the built environment) for inner Adelaide. It lasted around 18 months, finishing at the end of 2012.

The Transitions Film Festival is an annual event, started over four days in Adelaide in November 2012. It was organised by a crew at the heart of the Transitions West Adelaide group, a part of the Transitions Town network. The festival featured inspiring films from around the world, about the sustainability challenges facing our planet and our communities, and how we can create more sustainable futures together.

Hackerspace Adelaide is a community, part of a global network, of people that build things, hack things, make things, and generally solve problems to make things work better. It is growing, and seeking new partnerships to support the growth and flourishing of the community.

Adelaide’s business startup community is growing as well, motivated by desires to ‘level up’ the Adelaide startup ecosystem, provide entrepreneurs opportunities to pursue their passions, and to put Adelaide on the startup map. Its hubs of activity include Majoran Distillery coworking space, Startup Weekend Adelaide and the MEGA program.

Adelaide is currently riding a wave of grassroots cultural institutions, like Format, Tooth & NailThe Mill, Adelaide Bike Kitchen and Soundpond – young people that have come together to make their visions a reality.

CoCreate Adelaide is part of a transition in South Australia – which has been a conservative and traditional environment for getting things done. South Australians have a unique advantage in our ability put our differences aside, get all the right people in the room, leave our egos at the door and genuinely engage with one another. The current transition is leveraging this advantage, and we’re seeing South Australia emerge as a leader in innovation, collaboration, and grassroots action.

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