It is so hard to single out any people, partners or supporters for appreciation.

CoCreate Adelaide has been made possible by a network of passionate volunteers dedicating their time, energy and social capital to get it going and get everyone along.  Amen to you all!  Thank you.  I hope the experience has been fantastic for you, and I hope you’ve gotten a lot of value out of it too.  I know I have – totally worth it.

We do have a few supporters as well, who don’t necessarily have the same intrinsic motivation… but are offering something to help us out.  So – at risk of missing somebody…


Renewal SA – provided the space for free, covered the cost of our security, have been generally rad to deal with and do a lot to support community activity in Bowden.  Especially onya Andre Stuyt.

City of Charles Sturt – covered our remaining event costs, helped us get the right people here, have been super helpful, and generally lovely people.  Thanks Cheryle, Vesna, Caro.

Hub Adelaide – lovingly bring you the pop-up Hub / chill out / “WORK” zone; and have secured much of the ‘stuff’ that we’ve needed this weekend.  Vishal (@vjthecatalyst) has been a legend.  See

ChimiChurri Grill – came out to Bowden to serve us lunch, foregoing greener lunchtime pastures to do their bit to support CoCreate… we didn’t even have enough people for them to break even, but they gladly came anyway!  Greg is a champ.  The food was pretty good too. : ) Go have lunch with them sometime.

Salvos (Findon) – All of the furniture decking the space didn’t come out of nowhere, you know!? Generously on lend from Salvos Findon (Rd).  Manager Kerry was very helpful.

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